Our 22nd Issue Collaborators

Just a few more weeks until our launch! With over 100 submissions, we’re proud to announce the 26 creatives whose works will be featured this 22nd issue:

  • Allison McFarland
  • Erin Emily Ann Vance
  • Holly Day
  • Jade Riordan
  • Maryam Gowralli
  • Paul Green
  • Natalie Lauchlan
  • Kieran MacNaughton
  • Derek Beaulieu
  • Jenny Wong
  • Kate Siklosi
  • Miguel Almario
  • Paul Meunier
  • Emily Calder
  • Rob Mclennan
  • Jason Santerre
  • Kimberly Peterson
  • Maggie Veness
  • Jim Zola
  • Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
  • Amanda Neves
  • Dani Spinosa
  • Sacha Archer
  • Savanna Scott Leslie
  • Ken Hunt
  • Margaret McLeod

We will be sharing some of our author’s bios for the upcoming weeks in anticipation of the launch. Be sure to follow us on our social media!


NōD Cover Contest!

Calling all visual artists!

Do you want your artwork or photography to be featured on the cover of Issue 23? You have until November 24th to send us your best visual media, whether it be a painting, a photo, a collage, or anything other forms you can think of. The winning piece will serve as the inspiration for submissions for Issue 23 and will be shared widely across all social media platforms to help guide submissions. The best cover submissions will have a wide range of interpretations and themes that could serve as inspiration for both fiction and poetry. The winning artist will also have the opportunity to showcase their artwork at the April launch of Issue 23.

How to submit: Send up to five pieces to nodmagazine@gmail.com with [Cover art submission: last name] as the subject line. Please send the best quality resolution you can. As always, please include your mailing address and a brief artist’s statement or bio. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to see what you send us!


The NōDitorial

NōD Meet and Greet!

Don’t forget our Fall 2017, Meet and Greet – this Wednesday, September 27th @5:30pm in the University of Calgary’s Art Lounge. Come mingle with other creative writers and new members, while taking a look at our back issues and discussing your authorial interests. Pizza and beverages will be readily available. For those who which to delve further, the end of our program will conclude with a general meeting to start our year.

Happy Reading and Happy Writing!

Clubs Week – Fall 2017

Be sure to stop by and chat with us this Clubs Week! Grab some back issues and learn more about our bi-annual creative publication. We can’t wait to see you there!


Have a great idea for a theme?

Hello readers! We are currently trying to decide on a theme for Issue 23 and we would love to hear suggestions from you. If you have an idea that would make a great themed issue, send it to nodmagazine@gmail.com or chat with any of our editors!

Here are some themes/inspirations we’ve done in the past:

  • Translation/Language
  • Supernatural
  • Viral
  • Thievery
  • Magnification
  • Symbols
  • Gender
  • Rebirth

If you’ve got ideas, send them our way!

Issue 22 Call for Submissions

NōD is calling for your best poetry, prose and artwork to feature in Issue 22! This issue is unthemedNōD accepts poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, and visual art from all writers and artists. You do not need to be a part of the University of Calgary community to publish with us, but we especially encourage University of Calgary undergraduate students to submit! Our deadline is Friday, October 20th. It’s a good idea to read some back issues and the pieces on our blog to get an idea of the kind of work we love. You can order back issues on our tictail shop!

Check out our full submission guidelines here and send your best work to nodmagazine@gmail.com

We can’t wait to read your work!

Allie’s Editor Fave: “An Old Friend…” by Colin James

Hello! We’re hoping you all had a wonderful long weekend out in the sun! Here’s a nice, short poem chosen by our managing editor Allie (the awesomely long title has inspired a title for one of her poems, which is appearing in the Boston Accent later this summer, but that’s not important today. What we care about is this rad poem from Issue 21!). Fun fact: this poem is the opening piece in Issue 21.

Colin James, the author of this featured poem, was born in England but lives in Massachusetts. He has two Jack Russells named Marcello and Guido (fun fact, these are also names of the main characters in two of Fellini’s movies). He has poems forthcoming in Centacle and more.




I wasn’t thinking of penises or ballerinas

as I helped you to your car.

The back seat was full of rubbish

and you smelled like burning hair.

The crumbling chain-link fence

was not hard to see beyond,

so I drove you home through

and past deliberating loiterers.

You thanked them all personally with

all the adjectives you could still find.

Allison Iriye’s Editor Fave: Barcode Poems by Kyle Flemmer

Happy Monday! We know it’s the end of the day, and as much as you want to read awesome creative work by locals, sometimes you just don’t want to read too much. And that’s okay! Today’s Editor Fave is picked by Allison Iriye, one of our contributing editors, and it doesn’t have too many words (but it looks really neat!)

Kyle Flemmer is our author, and if you came to our Issue 21 launch then you saw him close out the readings (but he did not read any of these poems). He’s an author, editor, and publisher from Calgary, though he graduated from Concordia University  in 2016 with a double major in Western Society and Creative Writing. He is the founder of The Blasted Tree Publishing Company (2014) which promotes emerging Canadian authors. Here’s two of Kyle’s four poems that appeared in Issue 21!

Barcode Poem No. 24.png

Barcode Poem No. 56.png