Editor Feature: Amy!

Hello all! As promised, here is our first Editor Feature. Amy LeBlanc is our Editor in chief and is completing her English Honours degree this year. This feature piece is a brief excerpt from her Honours project– a creative endeavour that discusses issues of feminism and food through prose/poetry. (As a side note, if you’re in Calgary and want to hear more of this piece, Amy will be presenting a larger excerpt at the U of C on March 18).

Echo chamber, n.

My mother told me that she was pregnant with twins when she had me. With Vanishing Twin Syndrome, there generally are no warning signs; one week– two heartbeats, next week– just one. The missing embryo usually dissolves back into the mother’s body. In rare cases, the second twin absorbs and consumes the embryo. Their skin cells can contain hair, teeth and bones from the second fetus (eyes, torso, hands, feet, and other limbs, only in the rarest cases). Small pockets often remain undiscovered until much later in life. They rarely occur in other mammals, but can be found in the occasional mountain lion.