“On Returning” Michael Klenda

Once again we find ourselves at the beginning of a new week, which means we have a snippet from Issue 20 to help get you through your day! Also, a quick reminder that the deadline for submissions for Issue 21 is this Friday, March 17 (so if you want to see your work in our print magazine or featured on our blog– like Michael Klenda–you should probably send it to us).

On Returning

The city is as you left it:

as you fly above it, and then

drive through it, your suitcase

unpacks itself along the streets,

beside the river, down alleyways

between cafes and backyards.

What if today was that day long ago

when we gathered out in the grass

and drank iced champagne straight

from the bottle? This is the same sun,

the same songs repeated

from the trees; the children

might be your children now,

or maybe you’ve just been born.