Editor Feature: Kirsten Cordingley

Hello! Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for all submissions for Issue 21! Okay, now that that’s out of the way we can move on to our Editor Feature! This week we’re featuring Kirsten Cordingley, our Copy Editor. She is currently working on her BA in English (so not surprisingly, reading a good book is one of her favourite pastimes). Here are two poems by Kirsten!


A decrepit spine

of aging paper,

filled with lines

of squirming eels

along white skin

and yellow curves,

eating hors d’oeuvres

of flowery words.

Towering bark

holds their cases

and orders them by

their names and faces,

so reaching fingers

and curious eyes

can find their insight in

quotes and rhymes.




Little mugs with coffee and wasted crumbs,

Slow lilt of music and the echoing hum

Of soliloquies aimed outwards

Into the spicy space of caffeine fumes,

And burning toast with little room

To move our legs or fingertips,

But closely knit and brightly lit,

We spend our days with coffee cakes,

Creating symposiums in the air,

And we decorate with enticing stares,

Despite the bitterness on our tongues,

We stay to hide amongst the sugar lumps,

And sweet honey drops that stick to our elbows

That keep us there amidst the constant hellos.