“Lyra I” and “Lyra II” Tasnuva Hayden

If you’re a student, you’re probably drowning in essays or mid-terms right about now (we know we are!) so we recommend taking a three minute break to read this week’s snippet. Here’s your weekly dose of Issue 20 by Tasnuva Hayden, a Calgary-based writer!

Lyra I

binary stars collapse eclipses

vibration strings discrepancy in Mercury’s orbit—

flawed Newton’s gravitation

Arctic mechanics and quantum winds

codify meta-energy mathematics

dead-tissue harmonics permeate every life form—

with the exception of Ginko Biloba

evolved from the Archeon of the Precambrian

four thousand million years past

a fractioned second past north, orchid petals gravitate

coughs up scant bearings

spins the compass needle to post-modern mass extinction

narwhals logarithmic-spiral towards the ocean floor

jaws heavy with decaying flesh

above the pressure of the frozen meniscus

radiant dragon tears evaporate past Vega

Lyra II

Lyra II.png