Editor Feature: Allie McFarland

Hello hello! We know we did an Editor Feature last Thursday, but it’s just that time of the semester and the week ran away from us before we could do our regularly scheduled interview. If you were really looking forward to the interview, we’re sorry, and we’ll get our ducks in a row for the next interview week. (You weren’t really waiting for an interview, were you? Shouldn’t you be writing an essay or something? We know that’s what we’re busy doing). Anyway, here’s a poem from Allie, our managing editor (it’s short enough that you can take a break from your essay to read).


The world’s gotten too thick.

Our horizon stutters

shingled carmine, coquelicot.

Spun ink stains, tendrils

That accentuate, perpetuate, pervade.

A sense of cinnamon, cardamom,

crushed poppy petals

And just a dash of cloves.

Cirrus strands as spiders webs

stretch thin between buildings.

Strands of hair stick

to lips cracked into crevasses up cheekbones.

And then the clouds shift.

Pillars to mark an edge.