“A Mata Hari Ripe for a Poem” Katherine Holm

Hello, sorry about being a little late with this teaser. You know those days when your homework is glaring at you and you really should just get it done, but instead you decide to go for a hike in the mountains (far, far away from your computer), and when you get back home you decide to have a bottle of wine to further avoid your homework? Well, that may or may not have happened, and that may or may not be why yesterday’s post didn’t happen until now. But it’s not all bad– now you get a post today, and another one tomorrow!

Today’s teaser is by Katherine Holm, a poet and emerging theater artist in Calgary. She is a drama graduate student at the university of Calgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, with a specialization in Theater Studies. For her interdisciplinary MFA thesis, Katherine is studying artistic responses to landscape.

A Mata Hari Ripe For A Poem

A Mata Hari ripe for a poem—

she is the essence

glory bound and unyielding,

forthcoming with her body,

a connecting element

dissevered from the greater picture.

The mutinous harmony

of her delicate veins,

the fleshy enemy

swollen and paranoid

from imbibing the impossible rules

that govern her beauty.

Decreed by the feeble-minded

she disobeys her figure and she breaks her form,

her constitution extending as far as it will go.

Primal fear is fused,

her blood coagulating,

following the perfect symmetry

of reckless dancing.

Her lungs are expanding

dropping wet pearls over soft skin,

she is open to the call

and to the impossible tenderness of straying limbs.

A Mata Hari ripe for a reverie—

an enigma, a fury, a contradiction

bundled tightly into a spiralling coil of energy.

She melts like hot wax

dramatically declared dead, red

with spiral spun palms facing up,

raised to a tapestry sky

tangled with the threads of an exquisite dream.