Issue 21 Launch Preparation

Okay, here’s the low-downfor if you haven’t ever been to one of our launches before:

  1. Have a bath. Preferably with a bath bomb, salts, or bubbles. And a cat, you have permission to borrow your neighbour’s if you are lacking a cat.
  2. Read a book of poetry. A whole book. Preferably from a local-ish poet. (Image below is to help visualize steps 1 & 2. Poem courtesy of Robert Kroetsch’s collection “Too Bad: Sketches Toward a Self-Portrait”)
  3. Drink half a bottle of wine (or a full bottle–we won’t judge)
  4. Realise you’re late for the launch
  5. Throw on whatever clothes you have closest to you
  6. Forget to dry your hair
  7. Come down to Shelf Life Books


Alternatively, if you are just getting off of work (or hate baths, cats, and poetry–wait, are you a real person?) you can just swing by Shelf Life Books at 7pm to hear some awesome readers featured in Issue 21 and/or on this blog!