Allison Iriye’s Editor Fave: Barcode Poems by Kyle Flemmer

Happy Monday! We know it’s the end of the day, and as much as you want to read awesome creative work by locals, sometimes you just don’t want to read too much. And that’s okay! Today’s Editor Fave is picked by Allison Iriye, one of our contributing editors, and it doesn’t have too many words (but it looks really neat!)

Kyle Flemmer is our author, and if you came to our Issue 21 launch then you saw him close out the readings (but he did not read any of these poems). He’s an author, editor, and publisher from Calgary, though he graduated from Concordia University  in 2016 with a double major in Western Society and Creative Writing. He is the founder of The Blasted Tree Publishing Company (2014) which promotes emerging Canadian authors. Here’s two of Kyle’s four poems that appeared in Issue 21!

Barcode Poem No. 24.png

Barcode Poem No. 56.png