Genista’s Editor Fave: “witch hunt” by Jason Santerre

Good morning everyone! As promised we are starting the ‘Editor Favorites’ series with our Managing Chief, Genista Kippin’s favorite piece from our 22nd issue. Her choice is a poetry piece by Jason Santerre.

Jason Santerre is an editor and photographer living in Montreal. Read Jason’s work in The FiddleheadGrainsubTerrainThe Antigonish Review, and more. His chapbook, Why Are We Not Screaming?, was shortlisted for this year’s Wild Leek Press chapbook competition out of West Virginia.


witch hunt


Laughter twists your guts, torturous

as birdsong or the heady breath of young lovers

chest to chest. It’s so repulsive, your powers dim

like lanterns hanging from the abattoir’s bloody ceiling.

Shadows rest deep inside eye sockets of skulls piled high

in pyramids macabre


One day, word arrives from the west: another hamlet razed

as your sisters slept. Nights spent chanting beneath an altar

of stars, dancing in a trance of syrupy intoxication,

no more. Now the sound of baying hounds echoes against

the canyon walls telling you to go. Now. Just be sure to leave

a trail of blood. Considering all that was, you must be exhausted,