Kirsten’s Editor Fave: “Remembering the Paste Girls”

As our Issue 23 issue submission deadline looms closer, take a look at our Poetry Editor, Kirsten Cordingley’s favorite piece from Issue 22. Her choice is “Remembering the Paste Girls” by Jenny Wong.

JENNY WONG is a writer, traveler, and occasional business analyst.  When she’s not attempting to use her computer science degree for good, she’s writing and/or cohabitating with her wise-cracking husband and their grumpy middle-aged dog.  Her publications include The Quilliad, 3Elements Review, Peacock Journal, Vallum, and Cha.




Watch out for her.

She’s got a strong adhesive side

and sticky fingers for bondage,

and people will decorate her with words

like “loyal” and “committed”,

admire how strong she stays

and supports the dry white love

scratching between them

and their macaroni elbows.


People say it’s rare to find a relationship like that.


But, lets face it, we were all glue sniffers once.

Some of us just moved on

to a more natural attraction

of static cling and sparks.