Terri’s Editor Fave: “Statistically Speaking” by Kimberly Peterson

Hello readers! Today we have our Fiction Editor, Terri Scott’s favorite piece from Issue 22. Her choice is “Statistically Speaking” by Kimberly Peterson.

A graduate of University of Calgary, Kimberly Peterson writes poetry and creative nonfiction. Her work has appeared in publications, including Room Magazine, Poetry Breakfast, Drunk Monkeys, 3Element Review, Black Napkin, Byword, Forage Poetry Forum and Generation Magazine. She has pieces accepted for publication in The Banister and In/Word Magazine.


Statistically Speaking


You have studied me,

developed an equation for the curve of my breasts,

counted the beads of sweat in the small of my back.

You have calculated p values and covariance,

ran linear regressions that supported your theory,

reduced me to a count of corpuscles and capillaries,

bled me of my words.


I don’t want to be the hornet enchanted by

the back door light, oblivious to the night sky.

We sit at the fulcrum of practical and the magical,

come splash in Milky Way puddles with me.