Our 23rd Issue Collaborators

Just a few more days till our launch! We’re proud and happy to announce the 18 creatives whose works will be featured this 23rd issue:

  • Allison Iriye
  • Colin James
  • Jacqueline Huskisson
  • Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
  • Jean Bonin
  • Joanne Fung
  • Josefina Rodriguez
  • Kathy Pham
  • Kelsey Elisabeth Moorhouse
  • Kitty Hardy
  • Kortnee Paiha
  • Lauren Brooke Sanchez
  • Maryam Gowralli
  • Mao (Kun) Chen
  • Megan Merchant
  • Paul Meunier
  • Sophia Lengle
  • Stan Rogal

We will be sharing some of our author’s bios throughout the next couple of days on Twitter. Be sure to follow us on all our social media!