An Update Re: Issue 26

Hey all! We just wanted to give you an update as far as the status of our upcoming 26th issue, within the context of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that this update is incredibly belated at this point, and we apologize sincerely – like everyone else, we have been collectively and individually beset by all manner of chaos during these times, but we still wish that we had been far more prompt in addressing the status of the journal. We want to assure you that NōD 26 is still going ahead, and that we are incredibly excited for you to see all the wonderful things the issue contains. This being said, due to a variety of logistical issues arising from the pandemic (and, notably, the subsequent closure of the University of Calgary campus), the launch of NōD 26 will be delayed until the fall. We will be making a concrete decision closer to that time (fully in line with all health rules and precautions) as to whether a physical launch is feasible, or whether we will need to take alternate measures. We will be sending emails to all contributors advising them of these changes in the very near future. We thank you very sincerely for your patience and understanding, and we hope that you’re as excited as we are to see this wonderful new issue of NōD out in the world. We’re wishing you the best for health and safety!

– The NōD Editorial Team

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