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Kat Heger is a student and researcher at the University of Calgary studying Biochemistry and English degrees. She collects stickers and likes making small animals out of clay. Her work can be found in antilang, Lida Literary Magazine, iō Literary Journal, and Coven Editions. She hopes to pet your dog, if that’s okay.

Managing Editor

Anna Navarro is a writer, musician, and UCalgary student. She likes swimming, doodling, and singing. Her writing can be found in Freefall, Looseleaf, Filling Station, and Plenitude Magazine. She will always ask to pet your dog. 

Contributing Editors

Keegan Colwell is an English major from Drayton Valley, Alberta. He is currently in the process of being from Calgary. Keegan fills his time working on a U of C divestment campaign, going for bike rides in which he inevitable gets lost for hours, and waving hello to all the magpies he meets.

Elias is an aspiring writer, lover of birds, musician, DnD enthusiast, and student of philosophy at the University of Calgary. Xe has obtained a HBSc in CMMB with a Minor in Music from the University of Calgary in 2018 and has worked in two research projects pertaining to genetic engineering and vaccine production. Xyr passions include medical ethics, epistemology, queer activism, and disability activism. When xe is not furiously working on xyr thesis, you can find xem hiking in the rockies.

Sara McClernon is currently studying English at the University of Calgary and plans on doing the After Degree Program for Education. She dabbles in creative writing, is fluent in French and is an avid bookworm. If she’s not reading or writing you can find her attempting to bake the latest recipe she saw on the food network.

Dean Chantler is a greying English man and major at UCalgary. He is currently deep in thought wondering if this is all really just a mid-life crisis. You won’t find his work in magazines, as those magazines no longer exist. However, one does, and he thinks you’ll find it fine on your own if you really want to. Outside of school and literature he devotes his time to George the border collie, Emery the human woman, and the boxing gym down the road.

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