Official Issue 23 Launch Party!

Launch PartyGood news! We are happy to announce the official launch date for our upcoming issue! We will be hosting @ Shelf Life Books on Tuesday, April 24th from 7pm – 10pm. Come listen to some fantastic readings from our local creatives and find out more about our upcoming changes to our magazine! For more information, you can find us:

We hope to see you all there!

The NōDitorial


Terri’s Editor Fave: “Statistically Speaking” by Kimberly Peterson

Hello readers! Today we have our Fiction Editor, Terri Scott’s favorite piece from Issue 22. Her choice is “Statistically Speaking” by Kimberly Peterson.

A graduate of University of Calgary, Kimberly Peterson writes poetry and creative nonfiction. Her work has appeared in publications, including Room Magazine, Poetry Breakfast, Drunk Monkeys, 3Element Review, Black Napkin, Byword, Forage Poetry Forum and Generation Magazine. She has pieces accepted for publication in The Banister and In/Word Magazine.


Statistically Speaking


You have studied me,

developed an equation for the curve of my breasts,

counted the beads of sweat in the small of my back.

You have calculated p values and covariance,

ran linear regressions that supported your theory,

reduced me to a count of corpuscles and capillaries,

bled me of my words.


I don’t want to be the hornet enchanted by

the back door light, oblivious to the night sky.

We sit at the fulcrum of practical and the magical,

come splash in Milky Way puddles with me.

Kirsten’s Editor Fave: “Remembering the Paste Girls”

As our Issue 23 issue submission deadline looms closer, take a look at our Poetry Editor, Kirsten Cordingley’s favorite piece from Issue 22. Her choice is “Remembering the Paste Girls” by Jenny Wong.

JENNY WONG is a writer, traveler, and occasional business analyst.  When she’s not attempting to use her computer science degree for good, she’s writing and/or cohabitating with her wise-cracking husband and their grumpy middle-aged dog.  Her publications include The Quilliad, 3Elements Review, Peacock Journal, Vallum, and Cha.




Watch out for her.

She’s got a strong adhesive side

and sticky fingers for bondage,

and people will decorate her with words

like “loyal” and “committed”,

admire how strong she stays

and supports the dry white love

scratching between them

and their macaroni elbows.


People say it’s rare to find a relationship like that.


But, lets face it, we were all glue sniffers once.

Some of us just moved on

to a more natural attraction

of static cling and sparks.

Amy’s Editor Fave: “Dear Canada, on your 150th Birthday”

Hope you all have been enjoying your reading week! This time around we’re showcasing our Editor-In-Chief’s favorite work from our latest issue. Amy LeBlanc’s choice is a poetry piece called “Dear Canada, on your 150th Birthday” by Kate Siklosi.

Kate Siklosi lives, writes, and thinks in Toronto. She holds a PhD in English Literature but has defenestrated from the academic ivory tower in search of warmer climes. She is a writer by day and a poet by night. Her first chapbook – a collection of really neat letraset poems – is coming out with above/ground press this spring. She is the cofounding editor of Gap Riot Press and is currently working on a manuscript of experimental petro-poetry, Love Songs for Hibernia.


Dear Canada, on your 150th Birthday

Genista’s Editor Fave: “witch hunt” by Jason Santerre

Good morning everyone! As promised we are starting the ‘Editor Favorites’ series with our Managing Chief, Genista Kippin’s favorite piece from our 22nd issue. Her choice is a poetry piece by Jason Santerre.

Jason Santerre is an editor and photographer living in Montreal. Read Jason’s work in The FiddleheadGrainsubTerrainThe Antigonish Review, and more. His chapbook, Why Are We Not Screaming?, was shortlisted for this year’s Wild Leek Press chapbook competition out of West Virginia.


witch hunt


Laughter twists your guts, torturous

as birdsong or the heady breath of young lovers

chest to chest. It’s so repulsive, your powers dim

like lanterns hanging from the abattoir’s bloody ceiling.

Shadows rest deep inside eye sockets of skulls piled high

in pyramids macabre


One day, word arrives from the west: another hamlet razed

as your sisters slept. Nights spent chanting beneath an altar

of stars, dancing in a trance of syrupy intoxication,

no more. Now the sound of baying hounds echoes against

the canyon walls telling you to go. Now. Just be sure to leave

a trail of blood. Considering all that was, you must be exhausted,



Upcoming Editor Faves!

With the new month rolling in we’ll be posting some of our editors favorite pieces from Issue 22. This will be just like last time, where our editing team will select from their own personal preference!

And a reminder, the submission deadline is still open for our next issue, where all pieces must be based off our selected cover. For more info:


The NōDitorial

Issue 23, Call for Submissions

01 The Hunt resize

With the start of 2018, NōD Magazine is changing things up for our 23rd issue! Instead of giving you a theme, we’re letting you choose your own based on the winning entry, ‘The Hunt’ by Janeen Scott from our Fall 2017 Cover Contest. Her piece reminds us of fairy tales that keep us up at night. We see The Hunt as an examination of myth, meaning making, and sexuality– we question the temerity of bodies that are vulnerable and ritualistic in nature. So, send us your best, most mythical and beautiful work. We can’t wait to read it. See our full submission guidelines here:

Janeen Scott is a Calgarian artist completing her BFA at The Alberta College of Art and Design with a major in painting. Her practice focuses primarily on the ritualistic nature of drawing and the continuous representation of a witch entity that functions as her self-portrait. She derives material, both visual and otherwise from a constant juxtaposition of her Catholic upbringing and its relationship and parallels to paganism, occultism and witchcraft. She currently investigates the symbolism and religious significance of early Christian unicorn tapestries. Ultimately, she is engaging in an iconographic exploration of memory, sexuality, eroticism and personal reflection. You can find her on instagram, @ghostgurrrl.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!


Deadline: March 15th, 2018

Our 22nd Issue Collaborators

Just a few more weeks until our launch! With over 100 submissions, we’re proud to announce the 26 creatives whose works will be featured this 22nd issue:

  • Allison McFarland
  • Erin Emily Ann Vance
  • Holly Day
  • Jade Riordan
  • Maryam Gowralli
  • Paul Green
  • Natalie Lauchlan
  • Kieran MacNaughton
  • Derek Beaulieu
  • Jenny Wong
  • Kate Siklosi
  • Miguel Almario
  • Paul Meunier
  • Emily Calder
  • Rob Mclennan
  • Jason Santerre
  • Kimberly Peterson
  • Maggie Veness
  • Jim Zola
  • Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
  • Amanda Neves
  • Dani Spinosa
  • Sacha Archer
  • Savanna Scott Leslie
  • Ken Hunt
  • Margaret McLeod

We will be sharing some of our author’s bios for the upcoming weeks in anticipation of the launch. Be sure to follow us on our social media!