NōD is seeking volunteers to help run our magazine for the coming year! Things are going to run a little differently this year so that we can get even more people involved in the production of our magazine.

Here’s a run down of the basic volunteer commitment:

We don’t want volunteering to be an overwhelming time commitment, so we’re trying to keep things simple. We’ll have three collectives (poetry, fiction, artwork) that will meet every two weeks after having read some of the submissions under consideration. We’ll also have monthly meetings to plan launch parties, fundraising, and Meet & Greets that all volunteers are welcome to attend. Volunteers on all collectives are encouraged to come to the general meetings whenever they can. If this sounds interesting to you, send an email to nodmagazine@gmail.com with VOLUNTEER in the subject line and give us a sense of who you are and what you’d like to be involved with (you could be involved in more than one collective if you’re willing to make the time commitment). You don’t have to be in the English program and you don’t need any previous experience to volunteer with the magazine. At this time, we are only accepting current University of Calgary undergrads, current ACAD students, and alumni as volunteers.

And if you don’t want to read submissions? There are lots of other things that go into a magazine, other than the actual writing. You could help with:

  • social media promotion
  • community engagement (ie. attending readings, speaking at lectures, promoting NōD to other clubs you’re involved with)
  • poster designs/graphics
  • event planning (finding great launch locations, collaboration opportunities, etc.)

so what’s in it for you if you volunteer with NōD?

  • an awesome community of creative people
  • first hand experience working on a real publication
  • an opportunity to hone your editing/reading skills
  • something great to put on your CV or resume
  • inspiration for your own writing
  • event planning experience
  • lots and lots of Timbits

Sounds Good? Sounds good.

Feel free to email nodmagazine@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries.

We can’t wait to hear from you!