NōD Magazine accepts poetry, prose,  and visual art from all writers and artists. You do not need to be a part of the University of Calgary community to publish with us, but we especially encourage University of Calgary undergraduate students to submit! This page will be periodically updated with information about upcoming issues, including information about themed issues if applicable.

To submit, send an email to with the subject line “[Issue] Submission: [Submitter’s Name]”.  Submissions of writing must be attached to your email as a Word document.  Please ensure that your document is double-spaced, in twelve (12) point Times New Roman. If your document requires specific spacing, such as with poetry submissions, the double-spacing requirement may be waived.

Genre-specific guidelines are as follows:

Poetry: Send up to 5 pieces and no more than 10 pages. Please send all pieces in one word document with each poem starting on a new page.

Prose: Send up to 8 double-spaced pages of prose. This can be multiple flash fiction pieces, one story up to 8 pages or any combination you’d like. Please send all pieces in one document with new pieces starting on a new page.

Artwork/Visual Pieces: Submissions of visual artwork must be attached to your email as a .png file of the highest quality resolution you can manage. Please do not send us links to portfolios or a dropbox. We want to see what you think is your best work, don’t make us dig for it!

Please include a brief bio of about fifty (50) words as well as your mailing address with your submission. Your name and bio should appear only in the body of your email, not in your attached submission.

NōD Magazine accepts only unpublished work. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. You can submit to NōD as much as you like, but please wait to hear back from us before submitting again.

Please note that submissions which gratuitously violate one or more of our submission guidelines will be immediately dismissed.

NōD Magazine especially encourages underrepresented voices to submit their work for consideration, including but not limited to: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled writers.

Contributors featured in the magazine will receive a free copy of that issue and an invitation to read at the launch in Calgary. Due to shipping costs, international contributors will receive a free PDF of the issue. Should your work be accepted, we may also feature your work on our blog in the weeks leading up to the launch of an issue.

NōD Magazine has also begun accepting submissions of creative non-fiction for our website! Send us your book reviews, literary analyses, essays, ramblings, and other issue-themed non-fiction work for publication on our irregularly-updated blog. The submission guidelines for blog submissions are the same as the guidelines outlined above, except that our word limit is 2000 words.

Please give us three (3) months to respond before sending an inquiry about your work.

We are currently reviewing work for our 27th issue, and as such we are NOT currently accepting new submissions. While we are making every effort to respond to submissions in a timely manner, please be advised that turnaround times may be longer than usual.